Monday, September 24, 2007

Moving physical conferences, poster sessions to Second Life (at a low budget)

Jean Claude Bredley is continuing experimenting with new learning experience in Second Life.

Today he run a session on Open Notebook Science at SciFoo LivesOn which is a continuation of SciFoo. He also created a poster area in Chemistry and Biology under Chem/Bio Foo where he aims to create " a place to host domain-specific scientific discussion as perpetual poster sessions in Second Life." He also explains how this is related to scientific publishing:

"This is actually very much in keeping with the format of the Nature journal itself. The articles are typically high level and are collected from various scientific fields. I am starting with Chemistry and Biology because I feel that these areas have a strong potential for improving human lives directly (in terms of affecting disease processes for example). Also these areas are most closely related to my domain specific research of organic synthesis and drug design. (And we only have 36 booths in this area for now). Of course I would be happy to assist anyone in creating a poster area with another scientific focus.

I often tell people that they should only enter Second Life if they have a good reason for doing so. By putting posters that are similar in format and content to those that the typical researcher is likely to find at the physical conferences that they attend is probably a pretty good way to attract traditional scientists to media platforms like Second Life. If they see a poster that is interesting they can ring the bell, talk with the presenter then decide how that experience compares with a physical meeting." via Drexel Coas E-learning

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Jean-Claude Bradley said...

Thanks for posting about SFLO!
The next session will be on Science Blogging in a few weeks probably. The date will be posted on the wiki.