Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2Collab: Just did it

The young turks in Amsterdam just did it beautifully.... 2Collab is live

"This is a new collaboration tool designed specifically for professional researchers – so those people who spend most of their time banging their heads against a brick wall and trying to find those vital bits of information! The history of science is based on working together - It’s all about sharing and learning. And this is what 2collab is all about." via 2Collab Blog

Here is Richard Ackerman's review and Deepak's post on 2collab


Rich Hoeg said...

Rafael: I'm intrigued, but not convinced by your "young turks"! As 2collab is from your parent company, please ask them to create some concept screencasts / demos. I have enough accounts on various systems that I would prefer to "see" the product in action before committing. If I missed a product demo link on their root web site ... I apologize.

Rafael Sidi said...

Rich, You did not miss anything. The demos will be available soon and I'll let you know asap.