Monday, December 31, 2007

Much brighter ball for a brighter 2008

The city is going to get crazy (apparently there is a new ball) in few hours. Except for the ShaBot6000 the Robot
And to all my sales colleagues who have been teasing me for years about my "diode" addiction here you go again another place where diode is used:

"The ball that will descend Monday atop 1 Times Square is a new, $1.1 million high-tech creation, with a skeleton of aluminum and a skin composed of 672 Waterford crystal panels and additional pyramid-shaped mirrors to best reflect the light of 9,576 diodes generating 625,033 lumens. That is more than double the dazzle-power of last year’s ball, which looked like a porcupine with 600 halogen-quill bulbs."Via New York Times

To all my readers, friends, colleagues have a healthy, happy and succesfull 2008. Salud.

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