Sunday, June 15, 2008

Turn the email off for few hours everyday

As Times graph shows we are not thinking enough everyday. Only 12% of our time is spent for thinking and reflecting. Microsoft, Intel, Google and I.B.M., and other technology companies formed a group to solve information overload. I have been trying this "quite time" technique for a while, and I strongly recommend it.


Joe Grant said...

Amen, glad to see this posted! I'm reading more and more articles and blogs from productivity gurus stating we're taking hits on actual effectiveness by staying "plugged in" and assuming every email, IM, desktop alert, etc., must be responded to immediately.

Clarity of thought and purpose sometimes requires undivided attention, and we need to carve out the time and space for it.

-- Joe Grant

Tom Noonan said...

Indeed! I've even started reading books again, you know - those real paper things with occasionally shiny covers. Occasionally they actually result in my thinking about things and they don't even require a reply.

Even better, I don't have to set up a LiveMeeting session to discuss it.