Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When it's over, it's over

and it was great effort by the Turks but now there are more important issues to decide like what to do with AKP.

" Germany celebrated the victory, but so much credit must go to Turkey for a magnificent effort that deserved so much more." via BBC


Pablo said...

Great effort, Germans don't deserv it..

Just keep in mind the words of BBC's sportscaster:

"Lucky Lucky Germans"

Now, time to focus on Wimbledon

Let's go Roger!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Interesting. I live in the United States and we aren't very aware of this game. There's a team in Denver -- the Colorado Rapids -- but I don't think they draw much of a crowd.

Approx. ~715M people watch the FIFA World Cup...of that 715M, approx ~715M live outside the US.

The rest of the world basically STOPS for this...and when I asked someone about it in the cafeteria the other day they looked at me like I'd just asked for a donation on behalf of the Manchester United Supporters Club of the USA.