Thursday, November 13, 2008

Accelerating Science Openly

Congratulations to Jean Claude Bradley and his co-authors Khalid Baig Mirza, Tom Osborne, Antony Wiliams, Kevin Owens for publishing in JOVE.

"..... we have demonstrated that it is possible carry out research under Open Notebook Science conditions, write an article openly on a wiki, post it on a pre-print server (like Nature Precedings) and finally publish it in an peer reviewed journal. No, this won't work with every publisher. But if communicating science openly (beyond the confines of the regular Open Access model) is important to you, there are options out there that don't take anything away from the traditional system of academic validation." UsefulChem.

This kind of innovative initiatives and creative scientists make scientific publishing business exciting, and an industry that you want to be in.

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