Saturday, July 25, 2009

Virtual shekels for peer-review

CiteMine brings market dynamics to peer-review, Ricky Robinson explains this system in his paper titled On the Design and Implementation of a Market Mechanism for Peer Review and Publishing

"Article of the Future
" has been getting a lot of coverage including Marc Canter -who really showed us few tricks 3 years ago- as always you get mixed reviews, one of key comments that I noticed was the community is looking for a "radical change" The radical change may come from the scientific community when we "open-up" and provide APIs so that community can build applications/frameworks like sMash . More on sMash concept.

We also launched NextBio on ScienceDirect. Many thanks to all the colleagues from Elsevier and Nextbio who have worked on this and made it happened. This is just the start of our new journey to where we are going to take our platfoms....

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