Thursday, October 05, 2006

Zotero Beta is Live

Finally few lucky ones will be able to see this new solution. The software requires Firefox 2.0. ( I downloaded 2.0 but still got error message when i downloaded zotero)

Let's see how the reference managers software providers (Thomson and CSA) would welcome this new edition. Zotero's future plans look promising.

"The 1.0 beta release of Zotero already provides advanced functionality for gathering, organizing, and scanning your research, as well as basic import/export capability and bibliographic formatting tools. Automatic updates to the software in the fall and winter of 2006-2007 will provide many more citation styles, the ability for Zotero to recognize even more online resources, even better support for importing and exporting entire collections, and integration with Microsoft Word and other word processors. And coming soon, Zotero users will be able to share their collections with other users, collaborate on research projects using Zotero, send their collections to other free web services (such as mapping or translation sites), and receive recommendations and feeds of new resources that might be of interest. In short, over the next year Zotero will expand from an already helpful browser extension into a full-fledged tool for digital research and communications."

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