Monday, April 16, 2007

A new full-text search engine from major engineering societies

Barbara Quint from Information Today reports the expected launch of a new science and technology vertical portal called Scitopia.

Scitopia is a collaboration of 13 the major engineering societies which includes SAE. There might be more members coming in the future. The platform will be powered by Deep Web Technologies and use federated search technology. To see an existing Deep Web Tech implementation go to ScienceResearch and Science.Gov

In the press release Terry Hulbert from IOP states that " Scitopia will offer the most direct route to the most very latest research, within hours of it appearing on the web".

oes this mean that there is some "unhappiness" the way that Google Scholar is getting the information and displaying it with delays from these publishers?

This will be an interesting initiative to watch for A&I publishers like us and fee-based online information providers like Dialog. Nonetheless it's good for the market and customers of sci-tech research: now they will have another entry point besides Google Scholar and Microsoft Live Academic to access to limited aggregated scientific content for free.

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