Saturday, January 28, 2006

Elsevier-Thomson battle continues

Thomson- Elsevier war analogy continues. I'll try to keep track how media and analyst are representing this competition.

Deb Wiley reviews ALA and she mentions that

"The Elsevier-Thomson battle continues with Elsevier announcing the addition of Citation Tracker to its Scopus database product. I saw an impressive demo of citation analysis and lateral searching. Of course, Scopus doesn't have the depth of coverage that Web of Knowledge has, but it wins in the breadth department, depending on the size of your subscription, of course." (bolding is mine)
As far as I know there is there is no slicing of content in Scopus and all the subscribers access to the same content.

Deb has a point when she says
"The secondary services are the ones that need to think twice. While all the librarians I spoke with agree that the A&I services provide terrific added value, they pointed out that students don't use them as much as they do Google Scholar."

I think one of our main tasks is how to communicate this added value to students. Once they know the value that they are getting from secondary services and the valuable time that they can save, they will stick with us. But we also need to make their searching experience more fun in our products.

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