Friday, January 27, 2006

World 2.0

Microsoft announced Live Labs. You can read their manifesto here .

"It’s about a revolution in how we create, share, and refine anything that can be digitally encoded, be it news and information, artistic forms, scientific breakthroughs, personal communications, economic transactions, and, yes, even software. This is not Web 2.0. It’s World 2.0. "

One of the focus areas of the group will be " Rapid prototyping – small teams that produce functional and conceptual prototypes outside of the normal product development process. "

"Rapid prototyping" with involving our users as co-creators, is something that we should be doing more in Elsevier to come up with innovative products that will really blow our users' minds off and help them to find answers to their needs/problems and provide them great experience when using the product.

Also check Gary William Flake's presentation ( ppt) via Frederico Oliveira WeBreakStuff

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