Thursday, March 09, 2006

Diodes and communicating emotions

My colleagues always tease me when I show Engineering Village and start doing a search for "diode".
Since childhood I was fascinated with little light/bulbs ( so much that one day they took me to the hospital to take out an old radio's bulb that I put in my noise.)

Later on in college, I switched to Light Emmitting Diodes. (LEDs)

And now when I see this kind of research I really like it.

"NEC, NEC Design and SGI Japan have teamed up to develop KOTOHANA, flower-shaped terminals that use LED light to remotely communicate human emotions."
Once it's in the market (and if it's not too much expensive) I'll get one and put in my officeLED.

So is this the end of How are you, thank you, good; how are you, good, thanks like questions in the offices?
Just check the lights on my flowers, and understand how I am doing, start asking" hey why are you so happy?

vias: a new pre-filled aggregator MyToday and Paulo Valdemarin

btw for all the LED enthousiasts here is a record from 1962 on LED from Engineering Village

Injection electroluminescence at p-n junctions in zinc-doped gallium phosphide
Starkiewicz, J.; Allen, J.W. Source: Journal of the Physics and Chemistry of Solids, v 23, n 7, July 1962, p 881-884 Country of publication: UK (subs req)

and a patent related to LED from 1966

Photoelectronic semiconductor devices comprising an injection luminescent diode and a light sensitive diode with a common n-region
KURT WEISER; LEVITT RALPH S Publication Number: US3283160 Publication date: 11/01/1966 (subs req)

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