Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wal-Mart, PR strategy with bloggers, Transparency and Trust

Walmart has developped a PR strategy with bloggers. Edelman is hired to establish the link with the bloggers. As Jeff Jarvits says I need transparency from the blogger if they are feed (and fed) by the PR or product people on what they are writing, that's the only way they will have my trust.

"If you write a post inspired by what you get from a company or its PR agent, say so. If you use facts or quotes from a company, politician, PR agent, or press release, say so (better yet, link to it). If you get anything from a PR agent — things, business meetings, social events — say so. Your public has a right to know where your information comes from so they can judge it accordingly." via BuzzMachine

Here is Umair Haque's view on transparency. Btw I would strongly suggest to check and spend some time with his presentations.

"I won't say much, except to reiterate that transparency is the basis of trust. Trust is a necessary building block of edge competencies." via Bubblegeneration

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