Sunday, May 07, 2006

Excellent Idea: Complore

Finally it was not any major publisher like Elsevier, Thomson, Wiley or Springer but few engineers from IIT Delhi who launched Complore an online " Social Research Collaboration Tool for researchers, academicians, students around the world. It aims to build a community where people can collaborate research by just not searching for articles, papers, journals but by actively helping each other by sharing research material with anybody anytime, anywhere." via Complore Blog

Way to go.....I wish you all the success.

I did not see any ads in the site and I am wondering how they will generate revenue. May be we should just buy them out and bring their creativity and talents into our company. Hey if Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are buying small companies with few talented folks why can't we?


Ale said...

To be honest - I'm not too impressed with this initative. I have seen services not targeted at researchers that have way better basic functionality and cleaner interfaces. Usability-wise this site is not nearly as good as it should be - it had me confused on several occasions (and I do consider myself a rather savvy web user).

Most importantly, there is no significant added value specifically for the STM community. Nothing on there is not already done by others that are bigger and better, and there's nothing to prevent the big guns from moving into this area and sweeping away initiatives like this, even if own by RE.

IMHO, you REALLY need to tap into community-specific things for any of this type of services to become successful under our umbrella.

Just my two cents...

Deepak Garg said...

Hi...I do not agree with the above comments....the site offers a common platform for researchers which is rare to find and with the ease of google scholar user just need to search and add article as his/her bookmark....further one can easily create articles/lectures content etc. and can share with others easily just by sending a link or people can search easily.

You can categorize content by Tags very easily...As the site is in Beta stage there is still lot to improve and more stuff in I guess it will go a long way...I wish these guys best of luck

Rafael said...

Ale, I still believe that the idea is great. The design and UI issues can be fixed later. I don't think that there is any major investment behind this project and it is still beta. So the people behind this deserve credit. As far as I know, I haven't seen any major STM publishing company doing something similar to this (except Nature's Connetea)

Team Complore said...

Hi Rafael.

Just happened to see your blog...thanks a lot for the encouragement and showing interest in our project...we are still in beta and will definetly improve in coming weeks..I assure you you will see a lot happening.

By the way we have received some offeres from VC and as far as revenue is concerned, lets not focus on that initially...our aim is to help research community grow and expand going beyound the barriers of geography, culture etc. and money will come any ways down the line. :)

Thanks and regards,
Team Complore