Thursday, May 11, 2006

Google Co-op: An opportunity for premium content publishers

Google Co-op looks like an open invitation for any publisher but especially subscription-based content providers (in my case STM and A&I publishers) to put their content in front of their users where they all go first -the free web- most of the time. It has potential to increase the subscribers' usage of the fee-services and increase the pay-per-view revenue for non-subscribers.

John Blossom in his overview on Google Co-op states that "Google Co-op has the potential to be an extremely powerful tool for publishers - especially those providing premium content."


Here is a Pubmed record in the Co-op

Also a more technical write up on Co-op is at Google Blogoscoped

One question to Google Scholar team: How about creating a Google Scholar Co-op?

btw Google finaly discovered the power of refining search results by tagged (oooops sorry) labeled terms.

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