Sunday, July 30, 2006

Notate: a workflow solution for researchers?

I haven't tested yet but Notate which is still in beta looks very interesting for workflow applications. via Pierre Lindenbaum

"Notate is a web-based tool for annotating and tagging words and phrases within documents. It creates a searchable index of all the annotations you make and displays the annotations against the text they refer to when you revisit a site. Annotations can be kept private or can be shared within a group such as a lab or journal club."

" The idea for Notate grew out of the problem that although the scientific literature is increasingly available online, it is almost completely unindexed and only minimally tagged. Reference citations take you to the top of a paper that may be many pages long, instead of the actual place where the quoted statement is made. We ought to be able to do better than this given the potential of modern web browsers to offer a more interactive experience, and let people make more use from the huge volume of papers and other documents on the web."


Jack Park said...

link to notate software is broken

Rafael said...

Thanks Jack. I corrected the link

RobertC said...

I'm pleased to say its no longer in beta. The main feedback we got then was that people want to annotate PDF and word documents more than web pages, and have them properly rendered on the screen.
This is the focus of the new service which is at