Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Intel (inside) is Blogging

Intel IT leaders are blogging at IT@Intel Blog. As they state in their about section

"The blog offers an “inside look” at Intel’s IT operations and provides opportunities for you to exchange ideas directly with the IT experts who keep Intel’s business running and growing."
Currently I am not aware of any similar initiative in Reed-Elsevier (at least in Elsevier) where our senior managers with many years of experience and expertise in their field have started sharing their own perspective on the business and having an open discussion with our users.

As I told to William Walsh back in May
"I believe that as a major publisher we should be doing something in this arena and get involved in blogosphere. By starting blogging, I wanted to show to my colleagues and managers the benefits of blogging and tell them that as company we should be paying attention what's happening here, and we should encourage our employees, including our senior managers and CEOs to start blogging and communicating with our customers and have open communication with the market."


Allan said...

I think there is growing interest, but the only RE blogging that I'm aware of is on our internal site.

I'll email you the link.

Allan said...

I was going to send you a link to REvolve, but I see that you've already found it.