Sunday, October 08, 2006

Virtual Learning in Second Life

USA Today article on Secondlife. It seems that there are 60 educational institutions which are active in Second Life including Harvard law students who are taking a course called "CyberOne: Law in the Court of Public Opinion," for credits.

Who knows in the next few months we will have conferences organized by IEEE, Elsevier, ACM, ASME in Second Life. (If there has been one please let me know)

I strongly suggest that STM publishers should allocate a resource in their company specifically for SL to figure out what kind new services they can provide to SL's 800,000 residents.

Eventhough I am a resident in SL (Tostor Xi), unfortunately I don't have enough time to explore it and open an island for Ei.

Add to the post: I just saw Alliancel Library System new project:

"Library users can ask a question via Question Point via chat or via email, search world-cat, wikipedia, google, Amazon,, Second Life itself and view a map of the library. This way even when they are not at the library they can chat with a librarian for help or have access to library search tools anywhere in Second Life. According to Damek, this is only the beginning. When finished searching, the user can minimize the small search screen on their Second Life screen. Users can get one of these free of charge in front of the library in the Second Life Library kiosk. The search is powered by Our next project under the leadership of Abbey Zenith is to get our items (books, artifacts, etc) into the database so that library users can search our collection using the library search HUD. We are beginning work on that this week." via Talis

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