Monday, December 11, 2006

Encyclopaedia Judaica 2nd Edition and Online Reference

Until today's announcement I did not have any clue that Thomson was the publisher of the Encyclopaedia Judaica. Growing up in Istanbul this reference material was the envy of every Jewish household, unfortunately there was not too many household who could have afforded buying and bringing this from Israel or Europe. Some families used to give this as a bar-mitvah present to their son. When needed I use to borrow one or two volumes from my friends. Fast forward 34 years, Thomson and Keter Publishing House announced a new edition of this "historic" reference material.

It seems that both publishers are providing just the print($2,095) version, and there is no online version of this encyclopedia. There is a ebook price ($2,195) but I don't know how I can access to the ebook. I tried to link to the site but I was getting an error message.
In today's world where Wikipedia is gaining popularity as a reference source, if I was publishing this I would definetly create an online version and sell access in different options a) unlimited usage subscription with no advertisement b) unlimited usage subscription with ads c) pay-per-day (month) access with ads d) pay-per-day (month) access with no ads e) pay-per-page etc

I know that I am not going to spend $2,000 for this (one of the reasons is space, I don't have space to hold close to 30 big volumes) but if it goes online Thomson has more chance conversting me into a customer.

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