Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Folksonomy meets taxonomy: Introducing Tags & Groups in Engineering Village

Our indexers have been "tagging" free language terms for years for Compendex now it's time to test and add to this a bottom up indexing from users. Go ahead and tag any record in Engineering Village.

Our new release with Tags and Groups feature is live and we might be the first abstract & index database (subscription) who is taking the "indexing" to the next level.

Here is the tag clouds which are currently being generated from our free language terms in Compendex database.

Users will be able to tag records for public, private, their institution and for their groups too. We also suggesting terms when you add a tag.

Our tech team has done a great job putting this release out.

With this release you'll see some major enhancements for Referex Engineering books too. Finally you don't need to download the whole book to read a page.

We are running training sessions for the new release. Our training manager Gali Halevi will show you how you can leverage tagging and groups feauture within your organization.

Go check the new release of Engineering Village and don't forget sending us your feedback.


Christina said...

Congrats! Looks good. I'll let you know what feedback I get from the "end users" (engineers).

Michael said...

Thanks for your nice post!