Saturday, July 07, 2007

Employee Retention and being a winning company

Marc Andreessen addresses some very valid points to be a winning company and eliminate retention issue.

He concludes by

In general, the intangibles that keep great people are: the quality of the people they're working with, the interestingness level of their projects, and whether they are learning and growing.

The tangibles are: winning, and a high stock price.

As the leader, you have to really believe that you can get your company back to winning and therefore back to a high stock price.

If not, you should sell the company.

Indeed this Friday evening I was talking with a colleague and we touched the same intangibles points to keep talents in the company. One additional thing that we had was having fun with what we are doing.

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avi said...

I agree with all factors, but ask why do you separate "tangibles" from "intangibles". They are all measurable, and all directly affected by management.