Sunday, July 22, 2007

Scirus Topic Pages launches in Beta

"Scirus Topic Pages is a new free online resource for the scientific community. Developed by Scirus and Elsevier journal editors, Scirus Topic Pages focus on a particular scientific topic of interest to researchers and are designed to provide the most comprehensive information available on that particular topic. Each Topic Page provides researchers with a summary of the topic written by an authority in the particular subject area, with direct links to relevant scholarly papers, websites and other online resources."

Here is the list of the current topics:

Analysis of Traditional Oriental Medicines
Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine
Evolutionary Economics
From Genomes to Proteomes
Heat shock proteins and membranes
Mechanisms of immune tolerance to allergens
Membranes for the Biopharmaceutical Industry
Molecular Oncology
Reactive Oxygen Species in Plants
Serine Proteases

TopicPages links user to web sources and also recent published paper on the topics through Scopus. One thing that I would suggest (and may be this is already being planned by my colleagues) is to open the introduction part to comments.

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