Sunday, September 09, 2007

New Portal from Elsevier for oncology healthcare professionals

Congratulations and best luck to my colleagues at Health Science who launched OncologyStat.

The site provides access for registered users to over 100 Elsevier's cancer related journals and it's supported by ads. Here is more on the features. The site is featured in New York Times too. (The article has some wrong info too, Elsevier publishes more that 200o journals not 400)

The Medline search is powered by Scirus - a good example how we can leverage each others assets in Elsevier's two main divisions.

My initial impression of the site is that it will need some improvement with search features i.e. introduce refine feature, facets of results; provide alerting options with email or RSS; open up the Blogs for comments. I wanted to send a congratulations to Bloggers but unfortunately I could not see any commenting option.

Overall I believe that this is the kind of experiments that we should be doing in Elsevier. Are we going to make money with this? Or will it be a Chemweb like ending? Time and execution will tell.

btw OncologyStat is a good example of what I was saying to a colleague last Thursday on the tremendous opportunities in health care sector for information providers to improve the productivity for healthcare professionals and clean up the mess specifically in the information record management.

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