Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New face of e-training: Elsevier Training Desk

Nop, our new TrainingDesk is not your father's Oldmobiles.

The new TrainingDesk includes a blog by Gali Halevi, a wiki where customers can collaborate and share their training experiences; and plenty of tutorials and presentations about Embase, Scopus, Science Direct and Engineering Village. I think this is a great attempt to make training more interactive and get customers input and contributions. I can see the wiki turning into a great collection of training materials including videos which are created by our academic and corporate librarians, and students. It's refreshing to see that our customers can access to all these products' training materials in one location. Also we are taking the training to a new level i.e from teaching boolean search to topic-focused online seminars. Now let's see how our customers will use the site.


Rich Hoeg said...

The idea of a training wiki is fantastic, but it was real difficult to actually log in to the Elsevier wiki. Your wiki is hosted on PBWiki, and even after I logged in with my PBWiki ID, I could not make changes without your wiki's unique password. I doubt you will get much customer input unless you open your wiki more. Quite frankly, I was "dinged" on my own blog with respect to my own engineering learning wiki. Given that criticism I decided to open my wiki completely. One may click upon my name to see how I was criticized, and the action I took. I may be sorry I opened my wiki if it gets spammed.


Rafael Sidi said...

Rich, thanks for your comments. I passed your feedback to my colleagues.

Gali said...

Hi Rich

My name is Gali and I'm the training manager who is responsible for the training Wiki. The reason why I chose to have customers log on with a password is to avoid any type of unwanted activity in the wiki. After the online sessions, participants will recieve the ppassword for the wiki in which they could edit the pages. The idea is to have a session first and than show the attendees the wiki, how to use it and the type of practice they have available. If you would like to take part in the training, please sign up for the trainingdesk newsletter in which we publish the dates and times for the sessions.
Please write to me if you have further questions

Thank you for your interest