Monday, November 12, 2007

Companionship is good:Thomson's new WebPlus web search engine

Thomson launched a new slick web search product to be a "companion to ISI Web of Knowledge".
This reminds me another "companionship" that we have in Scopus with Scirus.
The product is powered by Microsoft Live and uses Vivisimo clustering technologies. There are few interesting feature in WebPlus, but I think that's it. Nothing new. This is still in beta, you never know, may be there is something which is still in the works that will really differentiate this product in the market. May be something that they can leverage using Microsoft STC in China. It seems that they are using webplus with WestLaw too

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Wow!ter said...

It has been integrated with the new WoK platform as well, where you get a tab "web results". Very Scopus like.