Monday, December 24, 2007

Your airconditioner is calling you

IBM's second annual "IBM Next Five in Five"presents five technology innovations that have the potential to change the way we work, live, commute, eat....

One of the five major changes is around Driving(pdf)

"The cities you live in will find a cure for congestion using intelligent traffic systems that can make real-time adjustments to traffic lights and divert traffic to alternate routes with ease. Your car will have driver-assist technologies that will make it possible for automobiles to communicate with each other and with sensors along the road -- allowing them to behave as if they have 'reflexes' so they can take preventive actions under dangerous conditions. Your car will automatically tell you where traffic is jammed up and find you an alternative route to take."
Can't wait to see this in NYC....

Another topic in the list of 5 is how Doctors (pdf) will treat us
"In effect, doctor’s will gain superpowers – technologies will allow them to gain x-ray like vision to view medical images; super sensitive hearing to find tiniest audio clue in your heart beat; and ways to organize information in the same way they treat a patient."

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