Sunday, August 24, 2008

RSS Week in Review

While developing products people are after simplicity but is simplicity overrated?

JOVE reaches a milestone by being indexed by PUBMED and MedLine. Congratulations to JOVE team and our own Tyge Burgess for creating short video abstracts in YouTube for Journal of Number Theory.

Opening-up is good for science and product development. Here is how friendfeed science community is responding Connotea's call of figuring out a freemium service and how Yahoo Search is integrated in iphone . Searching images made easy by Yale Image Finder

Anthony Williams who was with ACD/Labs and we did some work together for ChemVillage, continues improving his ChemSpider platform.

Nature publishing launches another experiment by attaching a wiki to a journal article and Max Max Planck Society covers publication fees for PLoS journals.

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