Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Listen to scientists

Open Data Protocol

Another initiative from Microsoft for research community Web N-Gram

Success stories for OpenCalais, British Library is among the sites using OpenCalais

Scientist's workflow in today's STM environment:

"One would think that in today's information age, scientists can easily keep up with new discoveries. However, these discoveries are buried in 24,000 journals most of which cannot be accessed by the individual scientist, because his/her institution does not subscribe to them. Thus, in order to keep current, here's what I have to do:

1. Pick ten, fifteen or so journals I have access to and which have a reasonable chance of publishing something important in my field and read their tables of contents religiously
2. Go through stored PubMed keyword searches (even though PubMed is ~4 weeks behind publication date)
3. Read F1000 alerts
4. Subscribe to 3-4 mailinglists on which some helpful person posts press-releases in close enough fields
5. Screen citeUlike recommendations and FriendFeed subscriptions for interesting papers
6. Subscribe to science news wires
7. Listen to science podcasts"Via bjorern brembs

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