Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Personalization done right and what's with the apps?

Personalization is not easy. Worth watching how Yahoo Labs scientists are tackling this issue with news content.

And if you are interested to find out how we are doing in terms apps ecosystem in SciVerse and the new Elsevier's Applications and Developer Network initiative just check out all the new solutions that are available to SciVerse users in our applications gallery; you can see one example of our collaboration with scientific community in this case NCBI with the Genome Viewer app; we initiated community driven projects AppsforScience Challenge and AppsforLibrary Idea Challenge, hackathons at NJIT and Tetherless World Health and Life Sciences Hackathon and coming soon Singapore Code Jam.

Overall we are doing "jolie" good...

Here is the Genome Viewer app that was developed by our Content Innovation team and NCBI:

Here is a video put together by NJIT hack participants

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