Sunday, February 19, 2006

Let's bring some fun to STM search

Steve Pappa who is the founder of Endeca sent an email to facetedclassification group on their NCSU implementation and he mentions one of the NCSU student's reaction to faceted searching:

"The new system is incredible. It would be difficult
to exaggerate how much better it is than our old online card catalog
(and therefore that of most other universities). I've found myself
searching the catalog just for fun, whereas before it was a chore to
find what I needed." (bolding is mine)
To all the online information providers including (Reed-Elsevier & Thomson) if you are not using faceted search in your (subscription-based) products you are doing a disservice to your customers.

As far as I know Engineering Village 2 and Scopus are the only subscription based products in Reed-Elsevier leveraging faceted searching. If anyone reading this post from Thomson or any other STM information providers (Dialog, Ovid, CSA), I'll be glad to include your products in this post if you send me a note with your faceted or guided navigation implementation.

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Christina said...

I don't know the answer to this, but is STN's AnaVist in this category? Also, still waiting for EbscoHost... (any day now)