Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Research Trends:Scientific trends using bibliometric analysis

Research Trends which is powered by Scopus is a our new bi-monthly newsletter "providing objective, up-to-the-minute insights into scientific trends based on bibliometric analysis."

The first issue has great articles for anyone interested with bibliometric analysis. The most interesting for me was the Country Trends section where they cover Turkey and her research output. (btw if there was a commenting feature in these articles probably we can generate some conversation around them.)

"The increase in research articles across this period [2000-2006] is occurring at an average rate of 17% per annum over the period 2000-2006, as compared with a 3.5% p.a. overall growth in the same period"
I think another factor that is helping the research output in Turkey is her population. Turkey which has over 71m people has the youngest population in Europe (second is Ireland) .When I was visiting Turkey this summer one of the things that I noticed was almost in every corner that was a university. This trend is not just in Istanbul but in the southern part of the country too. Unemployment is high among graduates, so sometimes is better to stick around in the university and do some research.

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