Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will Harvard take the lead to encourage proffessors to publish online?

"Harvard University's arts and sciences faculty may vote today on a plan that could alter the landscape of academia by encouraging professors to publish research online rather than only in scholarly journals."

The debate over where research gets published pits people who say it should be publicly accessible against those who say bypassing journals and their peer-review process might harm the quality of academic work. Harvard's decision may influence other schools, said Harry Lewis, a professor of computer science at the university.

``This is one of those situations where Harvard really has an opportunity to be a worthy leader in academia, really champion something that makes all kinds of sense for the good of the world,'' Lewis said in a telephone interview today. via Bloomberg

Where ever they are published we still need a way to get the "insights" out of these published materials to find the "solutions" to our questions, and support our decision making process in R&D

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