Friday, July 04, 2008

Open up to let scientists build applications

Bertalon Mesko post about Intermedi which was built by Thibault Helleputte using PubMed's open API.

Limitations of Pubmed: while being the most complete database of biomed publications, it has a major drawback: it is just publications-centered, not people centered. Even Hubmed, which is a re-engineering of Pubmed do not cover the people aspect. However the connection between people is an essential element for future collaboration, for knowing who works in the same area as who, etc.
Limitations of social networks:
Every member of any social network knows it, the “friend” or “contact” status doesn’t always reflect a real-life situation. In my LinkedIn profile or in my Facebook profile, I have “friends” and “contacts” I never saw once in my life. A tool centered only on true relation between people could be welcome. via Personomics
Via Bertalon Mesko

Once you open up the scientists and researcher's creativity will bring new applications and solutions that will enhance the value of the content.....

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