Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Vision in co-creation solutions and future of STM research platforms

Today we've reached another milestone in our SciVerse and Application Marketplace and Developer Network initiatives.

When we started these initiative a few years ago our goal was very clear: accelerate science and help researchers do research better. We needed to create better knowledge discovery solutions (KDS) for scientists and researchers. We aimed to do this by collaborating with research and librarian community. We needed to enrich our content. We needed to connect from literature to data in a more intelligent and contextual way. We needed to make our content more interactive, more discoverable and accessible. We needed to create domain specific research tools. We wanted our users to customize the tools that they want to use. We wanted to let researchers create custom solutions. We also knew that we could not develop all these solutions ourselves. We believe in non-invented here. We needed to connect, collaborate and co-create these tools with scientific and research community. We needed to provide a flexible platform and services for the scientists who told us that they wanted to use our content their way. We needed to change how scientific research solutions were created. We needed to help research community to build solutions that they want and they need.

Hence we've built an application framework -a platform- where now we can introduce a new feature Author Wordle app in just 8 hours. (Talk about agile development in STM market and "turning products into platforms".)
We've started reaching out and collaborating with researchers and scientific community by doing hacks and challenges at New Jersey Institute of Technology , Rensselaer/Tetherless Worls Health, University of Sydney, National University of Singapore, Dalhousie and Tsinghua Uiversity.
We've reached out to librarian community with AppsforLibrary to get their input on what kind of solutions they want to see in our SciVerse platform.
With AppsforScience we've asked developers community to build search and discovery solutions using our content and APIs.

We can't thank enough to all the individuals(students, developers, researchers, librarians, corporations) who participated to these events and brought their creativity in building solutions and developed apps that are being shared in SciVerse platform with the global research community. All these individuals are the"first settlers" of what is called a distruptive platform and embraced the vision that we set for future research platforms.

Today's announcement of AppsforScience winners is a great example of co-creation of these solutions with the developers community. Congratulations to Altmetric developed by Euan Adie, Refinder developed by Leo Sauermann , iHelp developed by Mourougane Arumugam, Keyword Optimizer developed by Scott Fortmann-Roe and ChemDetect, developed by Keming Labs.

Go and use these new apps and other apps that we have in our gallery. Send your appreciation to the developers. Send us and developers your feedback

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